Wisata Bogor

This program was held in conjunction with the Hari Raya Haji Qurban where the participants were taken to visit places of interest around Jakarta, Puncak and Bogor. The 9 Participants of the group were led by the founder of Madrasah Al-Fahmi, Ustaz Syed Nasir Omar Alsagoff.

8th August 2019 (Thursday)

On the first day, the tour group gathered at Changi Airport T1 at 6am for check-in procedures and proceeded to the transit hall for departure. At 10:15 am (Indonesia Time), the group landed safely and arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

They were welcomed by the Head of Pasentren in Bogor, Ustaz Abdul Rahman and were then taken by the group leader for lunch at Padang Restaurant, Pantai Indah Kapuk where they enjoyed authentic Padang Cuisine.

After lunch, the group were led to the famous Jakarta Shopping Mall, Pasar Tanah Abang for some shopping and spend their time on their own free and easy. Next, they were brought to Istiqlal Mosque to perform the Jamak Zuhur / Asar prayers.

After visiting the Mosque and the surrounding ground area, the group were taken to visit Monas, a National Monument located in Jakarta Central. There were various food stalls specially for visitors to dine and enjoy the local street food. In fact, visitors could also buy a variety of souvenirs for sale here. The group were able to enjoy the freshness of the coconut water from one of the stalls located around this Monas area.

For Dinner, they were taken to the Sunda Dining Restaurant where they tasted authentic Sundanese Food before heading to Puncak for more sightseeing activities. The journey to Puncak took approximately 2 hours from Jakarta. Upon arrival at the summit at about 10.30pm, the group checked in at Seruni Hotel and ended the day with a good night sleep.

9th August 2019 (Friday)

They started the second day with breakfast at the Seruni Hotel Café with a sumptuous spread of good food. They were gathered at 9am to start sightseeing places of interest around Puncak. One of the places they went to was ‘Tea Walk with the Tea Guides’.

There are many other interesting activities that visitors can do. Namely:

1. Tea Walk led by workers here which cost about 70,000 rupees

2. Horse riding activities (up to 6KM) that cost 170,000 rupees.

3. Outbound: Flying Fox

4. Motocross Mini

5. Extreme Off-Road Adventure with Komodo

6. Drive an ATV in the Tea Garden at Puncak

Once the activities and photo taking around the tea garden were done, the male participants were given time to perform their Friday prayers and then lunch at a nearby Sunda Restaurant.

After lunch, the group continued on to the Archipelago which took about an hour and a half from Tea Gardens. The Archipelago homed various type of flowers where flower enthusiasts can take time to relax in the Japanese House that was specially planted for visitors to soak the uniqueness and beauty of the surrounding nature.

They were then taken back to Seruni hotel and then dinner at Sate PSK. Before returning to the hotel, the group stopped by a 24-hour convenience shop to buy some Indonesian chips for home and enjoy local street snack of fresh grilled corn. Convenience shops and stalls located around the area are mostly open at night to late hours, providing easy access to halal food for Muslim travellers.

10th August 2019 (Saturday)

After checking out from the hotel, the group started their journey to Bogor which took approximately 2 hours from Puncak.

They were taken to the Conservation Gardens and visited the President’s Palace and its ground.   Lunch was at a nearby rice field before continue their journey to Bogor. Upon reaching Bogor, the group Checked-in at Wisma Puspiptek and were given a briefing before Maghrib prayers. They were then gathered for dinner at a nearby foodstall for a hearty Bakso Noodle Dinner.

11th August 2019 (Sunday)

After Subuh, they had breakfast in Wisma and gathered in the lobby at 5.30 am to depart to the Pasentren where the Qurban and activities will be carried out.

They were taken directly to the second Putra Mosque to perform the Eiduladha prayer with the local villagers, teachers and pasentren students who lived there.

After finishing the prayer, the group were invited to have a warm and friendly meal at the Ustaz Hasib (Pasentren Founder) home. At 10am, the Qurban began with the congregation slaughtering the first 17 sheep and then continued by the committee until all 350 goats were slaughtered.

They also had the opportunity to visit the construction site of the new Pasentren and a third Mosque. While waiting for the next item in their itinerary, the participants rested in the guest room and were served lunch at the guesthouse. After lunch, they listened to a talk delivered by Ustaz Hasib.

Upon completion of the devotional service, they were taken to the first mosque to carry out the Sembako (basic necessities) giving to the nearby residents. A total of 1060 packs were distributed from the money collected from Students of Madrasah Alfahmi and generous Singaporeans back home.

The group were taken back to Wisma to rest before dinner at King Crab with Ustaz Abdul Rahman and the program committee team members.

12th August 2019 (Monday)

On the last day in Bogor, the group had breakfast at 9am and checked out. They were taken to Jakarta to shop at Thamrin City for 3 hours and lunch at D’Cost, Thamrin City. They departed Soekarno Hatta airport and arrived at Changi International Airport in Singapore at 12pm.

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