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Alfahmi Services or better known as Madrasah Alfahmi took its first step by opening their first branch as a Centre for Qur’anic Learning. Providing space for students to understand the beauty and meaning of the words in the Quran, the Madrasah addresses the need for the society to discover and love the Quran in a unique way.


Adult Courses

Learning the Quran may be a struggle to most. Here at Alfahmi, we have developed a successful method in understanding the Quran in a concise and clear method taught by qualified and ARS certified asatizahs.

Kids Classes

Studies has shown that young children absorbent mind display positive results in learning different types of information readily and early in life. Our centre provides various basic classes to get your kids embarking on their journey in acquiring knowledge from the Quran.

Online Classes

Divided into 3 levels of difficulty- beginners, intermediate and advance, our online classes cater to everyone. From busy individuals to home makers, enrolment for the class is OPENING SOON!

"Setiap bayi tergadai dengan aqiqahnya disembelihkan (kambing) untuknya pada hari ke-7, dicukur, dan diberikan nama."
[HR. Abu Daud no2838, at-Tarmidzi no1522, Ibnu Majah no3165]



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  • Bab Tahlil

    1.Surah Yasin Waqf and Ibtida’ 2.I’rab Surah Yasin 3.Tahlil 4.Do’a Selamat 5.Do’a Jenazah 6.Doá for Beginning and ending of the Islamic year

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  • Memahami AL-QURAN Kaedah Al-Fahmi

    A book to help the Muslim community to understand the Al-Quran in a simple and concise system.Can be also be utilized by educators who are teaching language of Al-Quran.

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  • Mushaf Waqf & Ibtida Quran

    Colour-coded Waqaf & Ibtida’ guide to make it easy for the reciters to know where to stop and start recitation.

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